Food Fair


Happy clients waiting to be called for their food at Food Fair.

In addition to serving people in our county, the Ministry opens its doors to people all over Houston once a month for an event called “Food Fair.” In a partnership with the Houston Food Bank, we share fresh produce and other goods with overĀ 200 familiesĀ at each one of these events.

2019 Food Fair Dates

  • January 25th 10am-12pm
  • February 22nd 10am-12pm
  • March 29th 10am-12pm
  • April 26th 10am-12pm
  • May 31st 10am-12pm
  • June 28th 10am-12pm
  • July 26th 10am-12pm
  • August 30th 10am-12pm
  • September 27th 10am-12pm
  • October 25th 10am-12pm

Please check back for future Food Fair dates–they will change monthly.